Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau

  • "Our Norfolk Island community is united in our commitment to a sustainable tourism"
  • "industry that preserves and promotes our environment, culture and lifestyle."
  • "Our uniqueness, diversity and friendliness will surpass visitor expectations."

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Established in 1980 as the Visitor information service and off Island Marketing Department, The Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau (NIGTB) is a statutory authority formed under the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau Act 1980.

The NIGTB is governed by an Advisory Board who report to the Executive Director of the Norfolk Island Administration and the Administrator of Norfolk Island.

The organisation receives annual appropriation funding from Government, is managed by the General Manager, and is responsible for all internal Financial Policy, Guidelines, Human Resource and compliance.

The functions within the Bureau have been separated into three program groupings of responsibility.

The Destination Management Organisation (DMO)

  • Responsible for strategic planning
  • Research and policy development
  • Responsible for on island industry development
  • Responsible for on-Island stakeholder relations
  • Responsible for capacity building and sector development
  • Responsible for Tourism Statistics
  • Responsible for new business opportunities
  • Responsible for major events funding

Norfolk Island Tourism (NIT)

  • Responsible for all Destination Marketing
  • Responsible for all Tactical Advertising
  • Responsible for managing Brand Awareness
  • Responsible for off island industry relationships
  • Includes Representation in Australia and NZ
  • Responsible for all on-island Media & Travel Industry famil

Visitors Information Centre (VIC)

  • On Island visitor Information service
  • On Island and online Activity and Accommodation booking service
  • Retail outlet and interpretive centre


The following fact sheets provide information on the current status of the NIGTB operations, Budget spend and role in the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan 2013-2023