Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau

  • "Our Norfolk Island community is united in our commitment to a sustainable tourism"
  • "industry that preserves and promotes our environment, culture and lifestyle."
  • "Our uniqueness, diversity and friendliness will surpass visitor expectations."

Auwas (our) Organisation

The Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau works with on Island and external Norfolk Island Tourism Stakeholders to deliver outcomes outlined in the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan 2013-2023.

To achieve this the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau is focused on the following objectives;

  • Increase destination awareness, breakdown negative market perceptions, provide for distribution diversity and support, build market portfolios, maximise Airline capacity and address seasonality.
  • Contribute to building an environment that enables tourism businesses to thrive and prosper.
  • Develop the number, diversity and quality of Norfolk Island’s tourism product.
  • Contribute to the development of Industry infrastructure, growth capacity and sustainability to enhance visitor experience and industry viability.
  • Contribute to the development of industry education and skill development for better visitor experience
    and employment outcomes.

Corporate description

Uwas (Our) Vision:

Provide for an environment which promotes Norfolk Island as surpassing visitor expectations through excellence in customer service and stakeholder communications, effective marketing and accountable procedures.

Guiding Principles:


Represent and serve our community, creating a vision and giving direction, manage resources and risks to achieve quality outcomes.
Community Engagement:
Actively pursue community opinion and participation. make
Decisions must provide for our ongoing financial, environmental and social wellbeing.
Equity: & Diversity
Decisions will be fair and just for all sectors of our community.
Diligently undertake our activities ensuring due process and accountability.
Innovation and Creativity:
Challenge ourselves to seek new and effective solutions.


Auwas NIGTB Advisory Board

Established, within The Norfolk Island Tourist Bureau Act 1980, the NIGTB Advisory Board provides an effective, connected platform to Industry stakeholders to ensure broad strategic and policy input into the NIGTB Functions and the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan.

Auwas NIGTB General Manager

This role provides a high level of management, leadership and accountability for the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau (NIGTB), as outlined in the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau Act 1980, in the roles of destination management, marketing and the Visitors Information Centre.

Working with the Advisory Board

The NIGTB Advisory Board provides for Tourism stakeholders to seek and provide feedback on all NIGTB strategies, policies and functions. Members each hold individual portfolios covering all identified stakeholders.

Working with the General Manager

The General Manager can provide stakeholders with the opportunity to seek and provide feedback on all operational issues from within the NIGTB. The General Manager often presents at Industry meetings and presentations.